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Cauvery Fishing Resort:

Bheemeshwari, 100-kms from Bangalore is a riverline holiday camp placed amidst steeply plunging hills. 46-kms further down the river is Doddamakali, a satellite camp with Galibore, a third, only 16-kms away. These three are the destination of choice for confirmed anglers on six continents, since the river as it flows past them is the habitat of the world’s finest game fish, the Mahseer. 

Cauvery fishing Camp, a Jungle Lodges Enterprise, located on Banks of River Cauvery known for the great Mahseer Fish, the largest tropical sporting river fish known to man. Near Bangalore, these camps offer a slice of nature that is unique, rugged, and breathtakingly beautiful, by which one can enjoy.

How to Get There: 

Bheemeshwari, the favourite getaway for day trippers is 100 kms from Bangalore.This place is a sanctuary to enjoy the calm environs with a dash of luxury. The original "Mahseer Camp" has grown into an adventure sport too.

Set among steep hills, it is a tranquil and panoramic place where fish are found in abundance. Further upstream is yet another fishing camp at Doddamakali. Bheemeshwari is 100 km from Bangalore via Kanakapura / Halagur and is accessible by road. It is 85 km from Mysore via Malavalli and 245 km from Ooty (Udhagamandalam) via Mysore.Galibore is 95 km from Bangalore, just 16 km away from Bheemeshwari and is accessible by Road.

The most important activity at the Cauvery Fishing camp is the "Catch & Release" method of Masheer Fishing . Float down the meandering river on a coracle, indulge in some fishing for fun, observe 95 species of birds, including rare ones like the grey headed fishing eagle, spotbilled duck, small pied kingfisher. Fishing can be tried for new with the help of the  guide.

Places to Visit:

When at the Cauvery Fishing Camp, you could pay a visit to the ruins of an ancient Shiva temple adjoining the Bheemeshwari camp. You could also interact with the Soliga aboriginal tribals living close by and learn their primitive survival skills, passed down over the millennia. The Mekedaatu water falls,  Sangam and the Simsha water falls are the other places to see.


The colonial styled lodges at the resort houses visitors in 14 well appointed private rooms with the best of modern amenities. Overlooking the river are six twin bedded cottages with attached bath.

Leisure & Sports Activites

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River rafting
Coracle boating
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