Kovalam - Ayurvedic Resort

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Ideal Ayurveda Resort:

Ayurveda is the science of living originated from the Divine Memory of "Lord Brahma' in the time immemorium and practised by the ancient 'Rishis' in India. Ayurvedic Science is based on Tridosha Principle. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the Tridosha, which are the basic components of human body. The equillibrium of the Tridoshas provide complete health. 

Pranayama and Meditation purifies and pacifies the mind to achieve complete happiness and Longevity, Panchakarma is the prime process in Ayurveda, fit for all to achieve equillibrium of the Basic body constituent principles viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

It will be like an unexpected homeliness in an exotic foreign land and a peaceful and serene ambience within the cacophony of noise and colour that is India. It is an opportunity to relax, de-stress, detox and rejuvenate your mind and body as well as to venture forth and experience the vibrancy and excitement of the local culture and landscape.

Ideal Ayurvedic resort , health care programmes are under the direct supervision of highly qualified and well experienced doctors. The therapists here  have undergone special training programme for handling international tourists. 

How to Get There:

Ayurvedic Resort is located near Chowara Beach Village 8 Kms south of Kovalam popularly known as the Virgin Beach of Kerala, 21 Kms from Trivandrum airport the nearest airport, 20 Kms from Trivandrum Central Railway Station and Bus Station.


All rooms and cottages are ensuite bath, properly ventilated with fan, Hot water and phone, Deluxe rooms are provided with refrigerator.


Built around an open courtyard, the Ideal Ayurvedic Resort consists of a main guesthouse, 4 traditional Keralan cottages and a treatment centre. With a maximum capacity of 28 guests the resort offers an unequalled level of friendly individual attention. 

The main guesthouse contains 10 tastefully decorated double rooms, each with an ensuite toilet / shower room with hot water. All rooms have a large ceiling fan and phone. The deluxe rooms are also provided with a refrigerator.
The cottages also provide double occupancy accommodation with the same facilities, ensuite toilet / shower room with hot water, a large ceiling fan and phone. 

Serves regional, Indian continental, Chinese cuisines and tasty sea food and typical Kerala dishes.

Cultural shows are being conducted. Study programmes on various dances are also conducted.