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Nilayoram Resort:

Ayurveda health resorts and retreats in Kerala gives you the rejuvenating effect. Time at Nilayoram Ayurveda health resort is devoted completely to well being of mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda treatments at Nilayoram Ayurveda health resort at  Kerala consists of Ayurveda treatments blended with Yoga, Meditation and Therapy resulting in physical and mental well being. 

Kerala travel packages, coupled with Kerala Ayurvedic treatments and Kerala Ayurvedic retreats, at Nilayoram Ayurveda health resorts will induce a revivalism in the soul and the body. Yoga and meditation forms essential components of Ayurvedic treatments along with the therapy.

Ayurveda treatment in Nilayoram is a holistic approach to healing the human body, be it from illness, fatigue or even to recharge oneself. It is a health programme that leaves you rejuvenated to carry on.

Resort Facilities:

On arrival, to the resort a team of eminent Ayurveda physicians from KAS, an 85 year old Ayurveda Institute, will examine the patient / guest and after panel discussion, appropriate Ayurvedic treatment will be charted.The entire treatment will be supervised by senior doctors and therapies are performed by qualified and experienced masseurs. All Ayurvedic herbs used are prepared by traditional way. The ayurvedic medicines used are completely natural and safe without any side effects.

Nilayoram provides an optimum environment and creates the opportunity to acquire a lasting sense of inner peace, contentment and fulfillment. The exuberant beauty of landscaped gardens coupled with dense greenery of palm trees with well blended tiled walkways, lagoons, mini waterfall, Country Bridge and nicely groomed lawn all in a well illuminated environment, give guests outdoor  relaxation and comfort. Elegantly furnished bedrooms with western style bathrooms. Multi cuisine restaurant serves continental and typical Kerala style food.

How to Get There:

Located about 34 kilometers north of the town, on a two acre wooded site. 

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